smart building control

Design & Manufacture

T.E.S.A. HVAC work with consultant engineers and programme managers to design and manufacture control systems for new construction and also refurbishment of existing buildings. Our in house software engineers design and test all our systems prior to installation, ensuring we maintain the highest quality bar every time.

T.E.S.A install all their control systems, offering maintenance programmes to ensure continued performance throughout the life-cycle.

Engineering Drawing TESA HVAC

smart & efficient buildings use T.E.S.A.


Planned Maintainance

It is vitally important that the responsible person managing a building ensures that all equipment is maintained to the highest standard. Calibration of equipment is one of the most vital aspects of a buildings energy usage and environmental comfort.

T.E.S.A. work with the facilities team to ensure that maintenance is planned and implemented in a cost effective and timely manner. Planned maintenance is important for the building to remain efficient, comfortable and remain within the carbon footprint  design of the building.

Working with T.E.S.A. will improve your bottom line through efficient use of your existing resources. Talk to us today on 01275 876712 or email us at


full life-cycle: design, install & maintain


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